Nestled amongst a cosy and plush interactive set, a new short film made by artist Daisy Collingridge and animation director Isabel Garrett will go on show at The Sarabande Foundation this weekend. The charitable foundation known for nurturing the bright young things of London’s enduring creative scene was established by the late designer, Lee Alexander McQueen, who left the majority of his estate to support creative and visionary talent. Sarabande provides scholarships and studio space for creatives, as well as hosting a number of events throughout the year to bring community together and highlight fresh- and often daring- talent

Titled ‘bod’, the latest instalment is a short film that showcases Daisy and Isabel’s varied practices, marrying craft-focused art and costume with whimsical production. Daisy’s ‘squishies’ roam from the human world to Isabel’s fleshy pink dreamscapes, on a playful journey of tactility and vulnerability. 

“The film is a celebration of the human body. It's a little journey into both the strangeness of flesh and the comfort of it, and our tendency to overlook its wonder in pursuit of an ever-changing ideal of beauty,” says Daisy. 

‘Bod’ will be on show from 21st – 22nd January (10.30am – 4.30pm) at The Sarabande Foundation, 22 Hertford Rd, London N1 5SH