In the spirit of London’s week of craft and colour, last night saw Shoreditch’s historic community centre host the opening of Mous Lamrabat’s and Whatsapp’s exhibition “There’s No One Like Us”.

What’s up with Whatsapp’s involvement, you might be asking? In an age where “culture” is key, Vivian Odior, Whatsapps’ head of global marketing, sees in the sponsoring of this exhibition a ‘way of celebrating our own unique multi-cultural compositions’.

Mous’ own mixed Morrocan and Belgian heritage informs his practice, and in previous work, the photographer has addressed this duality in snapshots where Western iconography meets North African terrain. On this occasion, Whatsapp is the force that fuses his portraits rooted in history and tradition with the contemporary. A homage to diasporic communities, the exhibition features portraits and interviews with people from more than 25 different cultures across the world, from Brazil and India to Morocco and Mexico.

Exhibited in Shoreditch’s Tab Centre, the high walls of the renovated church building formed the backdrop to Mous’ eye-catching portraits in a plethora of landscapes. Intimate and lively, his portraits exude identity but leave mystery too. The images are proud, celebratory and vibrant, expressing what Lamrabat calls ‘dignified representation’ in a digital world beyond cultural divisions.

‘There’s No One Like Us’ is open until the 14th May. 

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