In 1999, when the house of Dior launched what was to become its seminal scent J’Adore with its gilded, teardrop-shaped bottle, it harkened to an era of decadence to come. The antithesis to the Yohji and CDG minimalist, dark aesthetic that was de rigueur at the time, the Dior J’Adore communication went big and shiny – featuring model Carmen Kass, and later Charlize Theron, dripping in molten gold and epitomising the heady scent.

Dior had initiated a new era of opulence for the new millennium, which radiated optimism and female empowerment. Since then, the bestseller has taken several incarnations all of which are expertly celebrated in a pop-up exhibition in Paris at the French art school Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Coinciding with Paris Fashion Week, Dior J’Adore! explores the fragrance’s pioneering heritage over the past two decades, as well as the many artists and designers who have re-interpreted the scent such as Hervé Van der Straeten and Jean-Michel Othoniel. The show beautifully connects the perfume to Dior’s founder, his love of charms and gold as a material, as well as a treasure trove of house signatures reflected in both couture and ready-to-wear. It’s a sweeping exhibition that celebrates the decadence of J’Adore to full effect (finishing off in a waterfall room dreamily scented with the fragrance that mesmerises you)!

For more on the fragrance’s newest incarnation L’Or de J’adore, masterfully created by the renowned nose Francis Kurkdjian who joined Dior Parfums in 2021, read here

The exhibition is open to the public for free from September 27th until October 8th at Beaux-Arts de Paris. Discover more here

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