Do you have a penchant for colourful pillows and grandiose gilding, a lust for abstract rugs and vibrant wall colours? If you’re an interiors maximalist then we’ve got the perfect coffee table book for you. David Hicks in Colour is a hardback tribute to the exceptional talent of one of the most influential tastemakers of the 20th century. Written by his son Ashley Hicks, the book is a deep dive into the life and work of the iconic interior designer.

With an introduction by Tory Burch, a well known maximalist herself, this limited-edition book offers a fresh insight into Hicks’ work, in 10 chapters organised in the decorator’s favourite colourful hues. From a living room clad in shades of blush (think aubergine tweed walls and candy pink pillows and lampshades); to a bedroom steeped in lime green, with a sky-high fourposter bed and decadent draped curtains, the book is a visual feast. It features Pinterest-worthy photographs of Hicks' eclectic designs throughout his career, as well as personal anecdotes and historical information passed from father to son.

David Hicks was born in 1929 in Essex, England. He began his career in interior design in the 1950s, and quickly gained a reputation for his bold and innovative style. Hicks is remembered for his masterful use of colour, pattern, and texture, and his designs were often a mix of traditional and modern elements. Throughout his career, Hicks worked on numerous high-profile projects, including the decoration of the Prince of Wales's private quarters at Buckingham Palace, the interior of the Queen Elizabeth II ocean liner, and the sumptuous refurbishment of the Dorchester Hotel in London.

The book documents Hicks' designs over time, with many never-before-seen in colour photographs that each showcase his discerning use of colour and pattern and demonstrate how his designs have stood the test of time.

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