A large flower, its face cast in clay and its petal stitched together from hessian, is propped upright against a wall in the Stephen Friedman Gallery. The airy space, a stone's throw from the Royal Academy of Arts, presents a thought-provoking solo exhibition by Jonathan Baldock. The Kent-born multi-disciplinary artist’s work often takes biographical forms; centred around themes of nature and the life cycle; this highly personal exhibition, titled 'we are flowers of one garden', draws inspiration from the artist's relationship with his mother and her love for the great outdoors.

The exhibition features a diverse range of mediums, including, sculpture, installation, and performance, all of which are infused with a healthy dose of humour and wit. An exploration of his ongoing interest in myth and folklore, Bullock’s use of handcraft and ceramics to examine fragility is both unique and powerful. 

The exhibition is a must-see and will get you in the mood for Spring.
Open from 20th January - 23rd February at the Stephen Friedman Gallery on 25-28 Old Burlington, London, W1S 3AN.