Giorgio Armani's affinity for flowers is a tale as old as time, a sentiment that permeates every facet of his brand. His debut Armani Privé collection for spring 2005 couture, featured 31 evening looks sprinkled with floral beaded embellishments, while more recently, his 36th Armani Privé collection at Haute Couture Fashion Week in July, came out smelling like roses. The designer masterfully reimagined the rose on 67 couture pieces, which graced pretty much every look in every laborious couture technique under the sun, from appliqué to embroidery and weaves. Blooms cascaded down velvet ballgowns and accented an array of accessories to full floral effect.

But it's not just his fashions that borrow from bouquets. At the turn of the century, Armani Fiori came to life with the opening of the Armani Manzoni 31 store, bringing Mr. Armani’s essential taste to the world of flowers and floral décor. Since then, the philosophy behind Armani Fiori has taken root in boutiques in a number of cities around the world.

In commemoration of Armani Fiori's 20th anniversary, the Italian brand unveils a book akin to a flourishing garden, delving into the ornate world of floral design. Armani Fiori serves as a door into Giorgio Armani's imaginative realm, seamlessly merging design and nature to craft distinctive floral compositions that breathe life into interiors.

Giorgio Armani's vision of transforming the Armani brand into a lifestyle entity beyond clothing and accessories began with the inception of Armani Casa in 2000. This service was conceived to enhance homes through interior design, home decor, and the utilisation of exquisite textile materials. Shortly after, Armani Fiori emerged, alongside seven other divisions under the Armani lifestyle umbrella, offering an extensive array of products and experiences, spanning beauty, cuisine, and hospitality.

The volume boasts a silk cover, exposed binding on the spine, and Japanese-style inserts. It features insights and reflections from Giorgio Armani himself, as well as contributions from writers Harriet Quick, Dan Rubinstein, and Renato Bruni. Inside, agave, bamboo, tulips, oxypetalum, and heliconia converge to create an array of extraordinary shades, inspired by the delicate artistry of ikebana, the Japanese discipline of arranging cut flowers.

The book will be available for $120, and all proceeds from its sales will be donated by Giorgio Armani to Forestami, an urban afforestation initiative in Milan with the goal of planting three million trees by 2030. This endeavour aims to promote clean air and enhance living conditions throughout the broader city area.

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By Shayma Salah