Who makes art is a question that only really recently has been opened up and examined, with outsider art from a variety of educational, personal backgrounds and social classes coming to the forefront. So a new exhibition, YESS LAD at TJ Boulting gallery is a welcome, and enjoyable wander through eight artists' viewpoints, all working with award- winning charity Venture Arts, a visual arts studio in Manchester that works with learning disabled artists to create and showcase new contemporary visual art.

Dominic Bennett, Violet Emsley, Barry Anthony Finan, Jennie Franklin, Horace Lindezey, Ahmed Mohammed, Leslie Thompson, and Terry Williams are showing together for the first time in London, through a variety of mediums, from ceramics to drawing, painting and photography. While each of their perspectives come with a singular visual language, there is a shared theme and influence to their work whereby much inspiration has come from the immediate landscape of people and places around them, or draws on personal memories and histories.

This is an exhibition that allows many of us into the inner worlds of these artists, many of which have never previously shown their work in London. Vibrant, full of humour and colour, this is a show not to be missed.

Exhibition on view until 19 November