Founded by artist Hilary Pecis in 2017, Binder of Women is a united effort aimed at reclaiming space and share of voice for contemporary female artists within what was very much a male-dominated art world. Carrying forward the spirit of art collectives like the Guerrilla Girls, the initiative seeks not only to promote the work of its current members, but interface with collectors to correct a deficit of work by female artists in contemporary collections.  The Binder of Women #3 will run as a limited edition of ten binders for purchase, featuring an original artwork from the eleven featured artists: Alice Browne, Shannon Bono, Hetty Douglas, Gabriela Giroletti, Yulia Iosilzon, Hannah Knox, Pia Pack, Aimée Parrott, Amy Steel, Olivia Sterling & Hannah Tilson. 

The Binder of Women has always strived to represent the wide-ranging experiences and point of views of non-male artists, and Binder #3 follows suit.  The Afrocentric works of Shannon Bono, a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins MA Art & Science, reflects the black woman’s lived experiences through the physical and psychological layering of Christian iconography, renaissance art and the body; Hetty Douglas’s paintings imbue painted media with traces of human activity to bring to the surface pain, fear and love through an aesthetic which challenges perceptions do femininity; Olivia Sterling questions notions of blackness and whiteness in Britain through colorful chaos and joyful slapstick style.

In conversation with journalist Emily Steer, the UK-based artists will present a talk at The Arts Club, with conversation ranging from the works themselves to the wider state of the art world and its relationship to female artists.

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