Leave it to Paria Farzaneh - the first designer to truly put traditional Iranian Ghalamkar print on to the international streetwear scene - to update another classic with her special signature.

Launching today, Beats by Dre (Beats) and paria /FARZANEH have created a special edition set of the Powerbeats Pro. Given Paria herself had been using Beats Powerbeats Pro headphones every day for the past 2 years (music is central to her design process and a key pillar to her own brand), this was as organic a collaboration as could be. Having developed her own (insanely delicious) incense, vinyl, and clubnights in light up neon boxes for DJs in the middle of forests - no piece of hardware could daunt this multi-disciplinary designer.

Her Parallel Universe colour way features a "deep plum pixelating in a digitised Ghalamkar print, over a vibrant yuzu yellow" - a multi-cultural stew of references and flavours that translates into the familiar being brushed with the exotic...or all rather normal to her, really.  Contributions from Paria’s community are essential to all her expressions and this launch is no different. The image you see accompanying the feature is of ‘Marzeh’, the figure central to the visual campaign. It was born from a close creative collaboration between Paria Farzaneh and the artist Louis Morlet who works in 3d printed sculpture.

So while these headphones will do the job of clear sound and an immersive audio connection through the bluetooth technology these earphones are known for, we're most excited by the combination of tech and craft that any paria / FARZANEH piece embues.

 Shop them here at paria /FARZANEH