We've been hearing a lot about rental clothing apps, 2nd hand and vintage marketplaces, and re-sale apps - but all this news around circular economies has been focused on the clothing category. Which was why we got excited by charity Oxfam and the way they've teamed up with homeware designer Matilda Goad to promote its pre-loved homeware found in their shops.

Mathilda's unique eye for fun colour palettes, scalloped edges and designing delightful home accessories is also, it turns out, a keen second-hand treasure seeker. She has used that honed sense of finding precious and collectible objects amongst the thousands of donations found in the Oxfam shops to curate a selection of items found on their website. 

Oxfam has been re-selling donated items of clothing, furniture and homeware since the 1940s -  its community hubs contributing to a more sustainable and circular economy as early adopters of the idea that one person's junk is another person's treasure. The money raised from the shops goes towards Oxfam's mission of eradicating global poverty, so every penny counts.

We appreciate Mathilda going through all the tat to find the treasure, and you too can shop for pre-loved collectibles HERE on her curated page. *Warning: You'll start going down a rabbit hole on the Oxfam website and wonder why you don't have more of...everything they have!