Where do the stony shorelines of the Norfolk beach meet the warm hues of a Bahamian sunset? Why, with the new Monica Vinader and Florence St George ceramic bowl set of course.

While Vinader is known for her bold, personalised and collectible jewellery, St George took up pottery and working with ceramics after having experienced post-natal depression in 2013.  Their shared love of organic lines and taking inspiration from nature led to the Monica Vinader brand's first foray into homeware, having accomplished putting one of her leather jewellery cases on probably half of the UK's top drawers.

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These comes in blues of the sea, or soft conch pinks or sorbet yellow - or a mix of all three - and are the perfect size to keep your precious bangles, rings and earrings in.

While we may not quite get the sun, the sea and the breeze that St George experiences everyday while living in the Bahamas, she and Vinader have done a pretty sweet job trying to bring the sunshine across the ocean.

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