Pens at the ready, it's that time of year. Your long list of Christmas cards, and please don't think you'll get away with a dozen text messages and a paperless post card. Nope. If there ever was a year where you'll want to show your loved ones you care, you really really care, this is it. We're over Zoom, whatsapp and a melted-down Twitter DM. 

So you're in luck that one of our favourite stationers, Memo Press, has stocked up the most darling of Christmas cards, all originally handpainted and reproduced faithfully to show the lightness of touch some watercolour will add to heavy card. This is our Saturday afternoon heaven, scrawling in bad script messages of love and support and knowing it might just put a smile on faces once the post box is rifled through.

So make sure your ink is ready and charm the pants off everyone with these Memo Press Christmas cards now!

Buy a 5 pack of Nutcracker Cards HERE