Say the word innovation, and our minds will automatically jump to the Steve Jobs' of the world - where tech and AI and hardware might meet. Yet strip it back, rewind to 1833 and we'll be able to find a true innovator, a hardworking inventor in a remote valley in Switzerland named Antoine LeCoultre who set up a small workshop handcrafting timepieces in a bid to capture the precision of time. Since then, the brand Jaeger LeCoultre has racked up over 400 patents to its name, bucking the trend of the typical tradition to distribute skills amongst several ateliers and instead bringing its innovation and development all under one roof. 

Arguably one of the most iconic watchmaking designs of all time is the Reverso watch. It sits at the pantheon of design alongside the Cartier Tank and the Rolex Submariner in our opinion. It's a masterpiece of design dating back to 1931, inspired by the golden ratio (a mathematical proportion said to represent the best of balance and beauty) and made to withstand the rigours of the Polo fields. Inventing a case that could be flipped over, it's provided a canvas for many an artist to imprint their own stamp on the reverse of its case, making what's usually hidden yet another precious surface.

Now in Central London between the 15th to 24th of December in Covent Garden, Jaeger LeCoultre is bringing the genius of the Reverso watch to light, in an exhibition in the Piazza called Reverso Stories.  The exhibition comprises of three sections where an art installation called Spacetime, developed by artist Micheal Murphy, will take the audience through three dimensions of space and a fourth dimension of time. You'll have to visit to understand what that means!

The Reverso Stories exhibition will take you on a journey through the history of the watch and showcase some of its most complex mechanisms and innovations.  We've been told the Reverso Hybris Mechanica “Quadriptyque” watch, within its six year development period of adaptation, can even go as far as predicting astronomical events. Now that's what we call innovation.

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