As our minds and fingers grow ever wearier of the pixelated screen, we find ourselves gravitating towards those materials that remind us of cosier, less complicated times.

So it's a delight to discover the new collaboration between the embroiderer Cressida Jamieson and seamstress Gemma Moulton (founder of East London Cloth) and their new Family Linens line. Their partnership gives birth to a collection of personalised, hand embroidered linens with names, words and short sentences needleworked into soft linens that all look like future heirlooms. Think tablecloths, café curtains, living room curtains and pillow cases and napkins.

The world is your oyster when it comes to personalising these pieces. names, memorable dates and song lyrics hidden within frilled pillow cases; everyone’s favourite place at the table marked out on a one-of-a-kind tablecloth or with a set of napkins. "We are both real romantics and love discovering anything with a hidden personal meaning. Our intention is that these pieces of fabric will become treasured items that bear the mark of the owners and capture a moment in time - a celebration of the coming together of family and friends for generations to come.”

The collection is available to buy online at and by appointment at The East London Cloth Studio, Vyner Street, E29DG, starting from £46.