Inspiration can be found anywhere. And it's always fascinating to understand what sparks a creative's mind to spur a collection...or other. Upon seeing “Woman in a Yellow Dress” by self-taught artist Johann Hauser (1926-1996), designer Christopher Kane was reminded of a dress he'd created for a collection years prior. Digging further into Hauser's work, he learned about the artist’s relationship to Gugging (both town and group of artists) and booked his first visit to the Gallery Gugging in 2016.  An exhibition followed in his Mount Street flagship store of Gugging artists alongside his own fashion collection and the relationship was cemented.

Fast forward a few years on and Kane’s creative juices over lockdown lead him to create artworks alongside dreaming up clothes.  Portraits in vibrant colours and glitter appliqué on lips and eyes, like paper-applied makeup, formed characters he even used as digital show invites. Cue June 23rd as another milestone, making his debut in the art world with Curated by Christopher Kane. This new exhibition in Vienna, Austria features not only a showcase of hand selected works painted by Gugging Artists, but works of his own alongside. Gallerie Gugging will be showing the exhibition through the 10th of October. so if you find yourself 2.15 hours from London in Vienna, make sure to stop in.

Shop some of Christopher's artworks (these ones are in the form of clothes!) here below: