Connolly salon, one of our favourite spaces off Bond Street that feels more like a home rather than a gallery space on the top floor of a luxury boutique, is working with gallerist Michael Hoppen to showcase 15 works by Albarrán Cabrera.

The duo Anna Cabrera and Angel Albarrán formed their photographic partnership in 1996 - and it was in Japan on a research trip that they found a different way of interpreting the real, beyond the apparent surface of aesthetics. "Their prints have been created using their proprietary technique, in which pigment prints are created on hand-made gampi paper and embellished with gold leaf to echo the luminosity and lustre of traditional Japanese silk painting."  As a result, these artworks feel souful, full of life and texture even though they are obviously 2D.

Connolly salon is a space where beauty is intertwined with the living with objects. The space invites the viewer to take in the art while feeling relaxed, and at home. The work on show is a combination of Albarrán Cabrera’s series 'The Mouth of Krishna, Kairos and NYX’. Though from different periods, this show demonstrates how the artworks are interconnected and the creative process is similar for many of the pieces in the show.

Get yourself upstairs to soak in the beauty, stat.
Show opens Wednesday 16th February and will run until the 16th March.

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