Watched everything on Netflix? Coming to the end of your pile of books? Need a top of culture and don't know where to look? Don't fret, the Because team have got you covered. Find their reviews of the books, TV shows, podcasts and exhibitions they've been consuming throughout the month.

Caroline Issa, Editor-in-Chief
"I've been listening to Jill Lepore's Elon Musk: The Evening Rocket podcast on the BBC Sounds app, a captivating 5 episode podcast investigating the cultural, capitalist and political impact the co-founder of Tesla imprints today. Lepore, a sociological historian at Harvard and New Yorker writer weaves fun / shocking facts, archive recordings, and pop culture sounds in a compelling 5 hour story that ultimately questions whether the BDE (big dick energy) that surrounds these billionaire dreamers who lose tons of money but claim huge leaps to mankind is the kind of energy that in fact propels humanity forward. Fascinating, chilling and entertaining."

Carmen Bellot, Managing Editor
"There's a correlation between the amount of TV that I watch and the outside temperature; I find that when that all too familiar winter chill starts to hit the air, I'm often shielded by a blanket and plonked in front of the tele. Them is an Amazon Prime horror series that I first watched during summer, but its scarily contemporary themes around race and terrifying plot line makes it an apt choice considering that we're nearing Halloween. Set in a 1950s American suburbia, the stories follow a Black family who have just moved into the area and their adjustment to the white neighbourhood. This isn't a light watch, and I will say that the overtly racist actions are incredibly distressing to watch – it's the type of show you need some time to decompress after – but it cleverly highlights how racism is handled within today's society whilst being set in one that's over 70 years old. As a horror show and piece of social commentary, this show sent chills down my spine quite like no other."

Nasreen Osman, Project Co-ordinator
"I've Been Meaning to Tell You" was a serendipitous find. Sitting in a corner of the office, the tempting small volume of pages caught my attention and the desire to learn the end of the sentence ignited my curiosity. But what kept me flipping the pages was the heartfelt writing from author David Chariandy. In the book David speaks directly to his daughter, like a letter of sorts. With palpable admiration and love, he ruminates on episodes during his daughter's childhood, offers explanations on his parenting that may have been misunderstood and perhaps most touching is his admissions of fear and failures in raising her. Race and identity is an enduring topic throughout and for those who share similar experiences, it will resonate. For those who don't, I've no doubt it will enlighten!"

Delia Wagner, Assistant Publisher
"For their 100th anniversary year, Gucci are pulling out all the stops and showing no signs of slowing down. The iconic Italian fashion house just unveiled a collection of global pop-up spaces for Gucci-lovers to explore, shop and play. The London pop-up is in Shoreditch, marking the brand's first ever venture East. The pop-up cleverly showcases Michele's playful touch and how he works closely together with art, literature and music, drawing inspiration from them and in turn allowing Gucci to act as a source inspiration itself, cementing its place in popular culture. At the centre of it all is the Centenary collection presented over one retail floor, accompanied by a Gucci library, listening lounge and café. A multi-sensory experience not to miss!"

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