Whether you're a yogi or not, no one can dispute how beneficial yoga is for your body. And if you haven't ever tried your hand at a sun salutation or a bit of Yin now is your chance, as this weekend 140 free yoga and pilates classes are happening all across London.

MoreYoga, which launched in 2016 and now has 33 studios across the capital, is on a mission to make the ancient practice accessible for all. On Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th, over 30 of the community-led studios will be offering free classes, making it possible for anyone and everyone to join. "We want to give back to the London community. We're conscious that people need to nurture their physical and mental health and yoga is the perfect way to do so," says co-founder and CEO, Shamir Sidhu. "As has always been our mission, we want to remove barriers to enable people to try yoga and learn about the benefits of this practice and how it could really support them." And there's no need to bring any equipment, everything you'll need will be right at your feet.

To get involved, simply find your nearest studio and book a class here

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