It's not often that a creative director will seek different interpretations of their work. For each collection of clothes, a game of I spy ensues between the observer and the creator (especially for those of us who review shows for a living!): the viewer looks for visual cues as to what the designer was originally inspired by to then make an educated guess as to why – it's not for the beholder to create their own vision, but to understand and interpret someone else's. But this wasn't the case for Valentino's creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli. His latest project did the opposite: he called out to some of the world's most innovative publications to interpret the Valentino logo, each with their own campaign image.

Now you can have all these images compiled together within your home. VLogo Signature Vol.II contains 26 contributions that show how the VLogo has been reinvented by each magazine's creative network of art directors, photographers, and stylists. Our sister publication, TANK Magazine – as well as Dazed, Perfect, AnOther and Purple to name a few who were also chosen – focused on the idea of the icon, using the emblematic image of David Bailey and Jean Shrimpton working together in the studio as a point of inspiration. Their image, which turns the gaze back towards the BTS team and the studio, sits alongside others that depict underwater seascapes and an army of alpacas (yes, you read that right), all of which are united by their shared expression of individuality, which is uniquely different from title to title.

To celebrate the launch, Valentino have commissioned a series of activations all over the planet, which finally reached London at the end of October. Running until 11th November, Shreeji News and Magazines has been V-logoed and acts as the brand's bricks and mortar book retailer within the capital city. If you want to avoid shipping delays, hurry to grab a copy while you can.

Visit Shreeji News and Magazines at 6 Chiltern St, London W1U 7PT or visit Flash Art here to buy a copy of Valentino VLogo Signature Vol.II.

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