Now in the third week of working from home for the Because team, and with the one month milestone quickly approaching, it would be easy to think that we've exhausted all of our innovative and creative hobbies by now. What has actually happened, is that we're taking this time to learn the skills we've always had in the back of our minds; ready to share with our family and friends, when we're able to see them again. From language learning to culinary classes, find out the different pastimes the team will be partaking, and see if it inspires you to take up something new!

Caroline Issa, Editor-In-Chief
I had decided to learn mandarin back in February, after I had returned from an inspiring trip to Asia. I finally signed up, just as it was becoming clear that we'd be working from home for the foreseeable future, and I wanted to do something to occupy my brain that was different to my work To-Do list! I've signed up with Chinese Studio and every Saturday morning, I do 45 minutes of spoken (well, more repeating) Mandarin with my tutor Jordan. I'm only four lessons in and my brain is already bursting, but I love how it feels to exercise a completely dormant side of my grey matter. Online learning is perfect for these long days at home when I can practice in the evening and learn in my PJs.

Carmen Bellot, Junior Fashion Editor
I've never been much of a culinary goddess, but I am one for eating. My sweet tooth has always drawn me to the dessert section of a Menu, and rest assured, I'll always make time for an afternoon cup of tea (with one sugar) and biscuit break. As cakes and chocolate aren't classed as necessities that can condone leaving the house for, I've decided to take up baking, as a socially distant and stimulating way of satisfying my cravings. I'm hoping my baking gets so good I can use my treats as bargaining goods to get out of the never ending chores that have accumulated whilst always being at home. Watch this space.  

Leonie Hutch, Writer
Now all but essential travel has been banned the reduced traffic has meant that I have been able to hear birdsong from my flat for the first time. Aside from the obvious screeching of parakeets and cooing of city pigeons, I have been using Wablr to learn to identify the more elusive birds from their song. It makes me feel less shut off from the outside world and hopeful that, if anything, the current standstill has helped London’s wildlife. 

Delia Wagner, Publishing Assistant
When I was a kid, I learned to play the piano. I loved it, but soon prioritised hanging out with friends instead of attending my classes (sorry mom and dad). I always thought I could get back to it whenever I wanted to later. But I completely took for granted the presence of an actual piano and never thought as far as having to leave mine behind at my parents house when I would inevitably move out. A couple of months ago I discovered Lumi Keys, who not only sell true-to-size mini piano keys but also use your smartphone as a screen to learn songs intuitively and interactively. With a library filled with dozens of songs, from classical Mozart to Katy Perry, I have found myself practicing my skills daily.

Nasreen Osman, Project Co-Ordinator
Some of my earliest memories of clothes was sitting at the dining room table and watching as my mom would mend a variety of mine and my siblings' clothes on her trusty old Singer sewing machine. Unfortunately, despite being in the perfect space to learn, I hardly ventured to take it up (get it?). But now, as I start to make more conscious, sustainable decisions about my wardrobe, I've been on a Youtube learning mission to keep my clothes intact – to repair instead of replace. Armed with a simple sewing kit, I've started out small by sewing on buttons, fixing rips and taking up hems, but have already found it incredibly satisfying to repair something with my own two hands! 

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