Sustainable September may have come to an end, but our sustainable intentions have not. Thanks to the series, we've become aware that an eco-conscious mindset should be considered in all facets of life, going beyond what fashion and beauty we put in our shopping basket. 

Our month long series has dived into how we can be more sustainable through the varying ways we consume products; whether it is by buying upcycled and recycled clothing, maybe a biodegradable bra, or even plastic free beauty products, and although these are amazing ways to change some of your habits, it is only the tip of the (quickly melting) iceberg. In order to make positive change, we need to consciously adapt and navigate our way through the world in a much more eco-friendly manner.

As we continue to think green, we hope you will too, and have shared some useful tips to help you start the transition into a lifestyle that is more environmentally conscious.

1) Shop Sustainably When it Comes to Clothes

Throw away fashion has had its day, and with so many fantastic options available to us out there, buying fast-fashion just won’t cut it anymore. To put it as concisely as it can be, here are some important tips for shopping sustainably:
1. Choose your material wisely; buy from brands that sell upcycled, and recycled, and if those options don't cut the mustard, look to eco-friendly or carbon neutral materials.
2. Shop second hand – this one speaks for itself; get to know the charity shops in your area and enjoy spending time shifting through them.
3. Ask yourself, “will I wear it a minimum of 30 times” – a challenge started by Livia Firth, the #30wearschallenge is a way for everyone to come together and try to do something positive, and is a very good way to decide whether or not you really do need that item in your life.

2) Buy Vintage Furniture
Similar to shopping for second hand clothing, buying vintage furniture is an exciting and rewarding way of finding treasures for your home. While there will always be negative connotations towards buying someone else’s unwanted goods, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Fact. It's a fantastic way to buy something for your home that is completely unique, and you’ll be able to find amazing quality items that are also a smart investment for your future.

3) Opt For Plastic Free Alternatives
We all know that plastic is extremely harmful to the environment, but the truth is, plastic is everywhere. A study published in June 2019, in Environmental Science & Technology suggested we eat between 39,000 to 52,000 micro-plastic particles a year, and breathe in even more. While not using it may feel impossible, by avoiding plastic at the supermarket, and reusing carrier bags, we will dramatically lower the amount of plastic that goes into landfill. Top tip: metal straws, bottles and containers are a great way to shift away from plastic. There are so many fantastic plastic-free alternatives out there, whether it is in your bathroom, on your jewellery stand, your phone case, or even an eco-friendly replacement for cellophane; a fab beeswax wrap that is 100% natural, biodegradable and an entirely sustainable alternative. If you haven’t already started, incorporating reusable items into your everyday routine is one of the best ways to cut down on household waste. From preparing your lunch at home and taking it in reusable Tupperware, refillable coffee cups, to a flask for your water, and a canvas bag for your groceries, these are some of the products that will help you make a smooth transition from single-use items. 

4) Learn To Upcycle Rather Than Throw Away
After months in lockdown, we have all had plenty of time to go through our wardrobe, sorting through pieces we haven’t worn in a while, or that are damaged. You may not have been aware, but  mending is trending, and all those months locked in have left us giving old pieces of clothes a new lease of life. So, instead of binning or donating your items, it's important that we rejuvenate our old clothes into one’s we want to wear. A fantastic kit that will fix any thread concern is the APPRVL embroidery kitwhich contains everything you need from thread to needles and templates. It will slow down the way you shop, and reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in landfill. 

5)Be Conscious of Chemicals:
Have you ever thought about what happens to the detergents, toilet bleach and bathroom cleaner that we put down our drains? No, we hadn't either, but Green Choices have found that dangerous chemicals could be polluting our rivers and oceans, the aquatic animals in them, and then eventually, humans, because they take so long to degrade. To avoid any unintentional pollution, fill your cleaning cupboard with biodegradable, or completely natural cleaning products, that won't cause any harm to you or the environment. These products not only work, but they won’t leave you worrying about every spray you release. Happy cleaning! 

6) Shop Local
It is easy to take for granted the array of foods from all over the world each time we go to the grocery store. While a crispy jazz apple a day may keep the doctor away, knowing that they've travelled 11,388 miles from New Zealand to London won't keep the greenhouse gasses guilt away. Eating locally means choosing food that is grown and harvested close to you, and then distributed over a short distance. Shop at your local farmers market, buying food that is in season, and hasn’t had to travel unnecessary miles – the limitations on food will only make your culinary imagination grow!

We needn't ramp on about how much greenhouse gas the dairy and meat industries produce, all the info you'll ever need can be found in Cowspiracy. And while the dramatic change to Veganism maybe initially too dawnting, why not try the flexitarian (semi-vegetarian) diet; centred around plant food, with the occasional inclusion of meat you’ll be starting with realistic small changes that will help build up a routine that can last over time. Trust us, it is worth it in the long run. 

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