There are two kinds of people in the world: those who run and flail as soon as that crackling BUZZ sound zooms past their ear and those who stay freakishly calm. If you belong to the latter group, I admire you. As someone who tries to stay calm, my eyes and body can help but nervously dart around trying to track a bee's speedy movements, as if that would help. But for today, we're putting aside our childlike fears in celebration of World Bee Day and focusing on the power these little (though sometimes plump) black and yellow insects have in all facets of our life from beauty to the environment. 

At Because, we've raved about some of our favourite skincare brands that rely on the power of plants and even tried a bee venom masque. But without bees to pollinate, these products, arguably, wouldn't exist! And without the pollen the bees collect, we would be missing out on a deliciously gooey ingredient: honey. 
Honey is packed full of rich antioxidants and antibacterial properties, which means it's great for acne-prone skin and can help give us a brighter complexion, not to mention it's incredibly moisturising. If that sounds up your alley, here are some of our favourite bee-conscious products to get you started.

Not only does honey nourish our skin on the outside but it is a powerful ingredient for our bodies. It contains a plethora of benefits like lowering blood pressure, healing wounds and soothing sore throats. It can also be used to treat digestive issues. So, next time you're feeling under the weather, make the tried and true remedy: lemon, ginger and honey tea. 

In a circle of life kind of way, helping to protect the environment can help us protect endangered bees and vice versa. At Because, we've got our trusty reusable coffee cups and water bottles for when we're on the go and now we're introducing a little something called 'beeswax wraps' into our homes to help reduce the use of plastic. Instead of wrapping up leftovers like bread, cheese and fruit with cling film, beeswax wraps are 100% natural, biodegradable and because beeswax is a natural, renewable product, they're a much better sustainable alternative. They're also much more chic looking. 

So, next time you have the reflexive urge to swat away that buzzing body, remember they provide all goodness and no harm so don't bee afraid! 

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