At the beginning of lockdown, we fought hard to stay motivated and the sudden change in our circumstances, although daunting, brought an unparalleled sense of optimism and community. Some took up new hobbies, some slowed down and some returned to enjoy what they've always loved. At Because, we want to keep that spirit alive this winter season and our new comfort series will focus on the more subtle and easily achieved ways of keeping our spirits up amidst the cold and confusion each day brings.

For the penultimate instalment, we look at the small but mighty power a cup of tea wields. 

There's nothing like a good cup of tea, is there? On cold days where the air carries a chill and your limbs feel rusty and mechanical, a freshly brewed cup of tea can melt away built-up tension or for the early birds, ground you in calmness as you start your day. But before you casually drop a English Breakfast in a mug, pour water, give a half-baked stir before a plop of milk, let's stop and take a moment to explore just how much more your cup of tea could be working for you and your body.

It's long been known that herbal teas contain antioxidants which can help prevent many chronic diseases, and teas that contain the likes of elderberry, ginger and echinacea are great for boosting your immune system. Especially during this pandemic and the winter chill, we need all the goodness our bodies can get! To help us do that we turned to the founder of  JING Tea, which specialises in single garden tea, Ed Eisler. Speaking on how tea has helped him through COVID-19, Eisler says, "Taking time to make tea, enjoying the shapes and vivid colours of the fresh leaves, the shades of the infusions and all the flavours and aromas really helps relieve tensions and uplifts and inspires my mind." Now doesn't that sound like a treat? If so, read on to discover 3 heart-warming teas this season and let's get brewing. 

Wuyi Oolong
Chosen for "its comforting richness and warmth and incredible complexity", this tea hails from Huangcun Garden, Fujian, China, and not only does it taste autumnal but it's faint burgundy colour is reminiscent of the transitional season too. Eisler goes on to explain that, "It has hints of chocolate too [which is] great in the morning or after a meal." 

Dragon Well
Yes, it's got a cool name (the origin story on their page is worth a read) but it tastes even better. Described by Eisler as an "all-time classic", fans of green tea can rejoice in its "spring freshness balanced by notes of roasted hazel." That roasted hazel taste is thanks to the fresh tea leaves being pan-fired. As Eisler puts it, "So moreish." Need we say more?

Red Dragon
Infused with the flavours of lychee, raspberry and malt – does this not sound like the most intriguing tea you've ever heard of?!
Eisler included this pick for its "clarity and fruitiness," and clarity is exactly what we need right now when it feels like there's chaos around us. We don't blame you for grabbing your supermarket-bought jumbo pack of tea once in a while but you may want to try out this black tea for a rich, fruity change. 

So, there you have it: three kinds of tea that is sure to take you beyond the familiar warmth of your regular cuppa. As Eisler puts it, a good cup of tea is "Full of flavour but not bitter, with clear and precise characteristics. The flavours should stay on the palate long after drinking and leave the mouth and body feeling refreshed." But if you'd prefer to feel uplifted, revived, invigorated or inspired, well, let's just say you can have your tea and drink it.

If none of the above teas strike your fancy then keep exploring with JING Tea through 1-on-1 or group session virtual tea tastings. Find out more here