It's day 50 since we've been staying safe at home (but really, it could just as easily be day 823 the way it's all melding together...) and Caroline Issa can't cook. Nor does she really want to try, so she's been scouting some of the best places online to find some of the snacks and essentials to support in between her local Tesco shopping expeditions. She shares two of her faves below:

I never gave buying milk much thought, until my cousin gave me a bottle of unpasteurised, creamy whole milk from the Estate Dairy. Delivered straight to your door when brought online on their website, you get two recyclable bottles that they will pick up when you re-order, making your milk consumption that much more sustainable.

A collective of passionate producers and sellers of artisan milk and cheese, the milk comes from the Chew Valley, which is located right in the heart of the Bristol countryside, sourced from Guernsey cows which gives their milk a creamy delicious taste.

Of course, you start browsing their website and lo and behold your basket fills up with cheddar cheese, Cacklebean eggs and the most delicious country style sausages from  the purveyor H G Walter (if meat's your thing). THEN... 

Oh the sourdough bread. Light and toasts like a dream. Seriously the best sourdough bread, potentially ever. And you don't have to break a sweat but for a cool £5.50 you save time and invest well. Plus, add a side delivery of their delicious Kanelbullar (e.g. cardamon buns) and you are SET. 

And yet... should you want something more fruit and veg based...well, I recently tried a set of juices courtesy of PRESS Healthfoods. They deliver plant-based ready meals, soups, snacks and juices, so that if you've had enough of cakes and cheese and chocolates and need to give your digestive system a bit of a cleanse, this might be more up your street.

The SuperGlow smoothie was the most delicious and satisfying, especially after a workout. It makes you rethink picking up that cheap chocolate bar (she writes, guiltily, as she hides the bars of kitkats she's snacked on this past month). Bonus, PRESS Healthfoods are offering you, dear reader, a 10% discount on your order if you use the voucher code BL10! So time to pick up a new healthy habit and indulgence, and these might very well be the answer.

Shop The Estate Dairy HERE.

Shop PRESS Healthfoods HERE.