In times like these, a mood-booster is needed more than ever. For those who haven't caught the fitness bug, hearing the word 'workout' will send shivers down ones spine, but hear us out, it's been scientifically proven that your mood will be enhanced after doing some form of exercise, and now couldn't be a better time than ever to start forming a routine.

And to help us get into the swing of things, we've asked Jo-Leigh Morris, female trainer at BXR London, to guide us through a few steps of the TRX Pilates class she leads at the studio. Hadn't heard of TRX Pilates? We hadn't either, but it's the newest class to be added to the studio's roster of fitness, and its high energy but low impact focus means you'll quickly be feeling energised. 

Try the three moves she recommends below, either with TRX equipment or with at-home substitutes. 

Hinge to Arabesque
"For this move, keep your elbows close to the body, drive your knee up and soften into the supporting knee as you hinge forward on the hips. Make sure your leg at the back is lengthened and with the foot flexed. Then, repeat. Hold the arabesque line and make small pulses up, stabilising the pelvis.

This move opens up the hips, hip flexion and extension and works on co-ordination and balance and activating the glute muscles

Home alternative: Hinge to Arabesque Chair
Hold on to a chair and do the same movement, just take the arabesque line to a diagonal."

TRX 100
"Keep one hand i
n both the straps, do a pilates stance with the feet, with the heels pressing together and keeping a fist-sized space between the big toes, then squeeze the inner thighs together. Lower and extend the legs out and peel the head and shoulder up. Pump the hand that's not in the TRX down five times, then draw the legs up, swap the hand in the straps behind the legs and repeat.

This move increases the blood circulation and is great for warming the body up, as the main focus is the core.

Home alternative: The Hundred
The Pilates hundred – create a pilates stance with the feet, glue the inner thighs together, peel the head and shoulders up and reach the arms forward. Anchor your pelvis and keep imprint, pump the arms down using your breath. Breath in for five pumps and then out for another five pumps, equalling 10 breaths in total."

Chest Press
"Hold the plank position on an incline, stay high off the heels and strong in the wrists. Bend the elbows and bring the hands to the sides of the shoulders, then do a power push up.

Home alternative: Press Up
Get into a press up position, either on your knees or in full plank stance. Keep your hands to the side, in line with shoulders and engage the core. Then bend the elbows, remembering to wrap the elbows in, and kiss the nose down to the floor."

You can experience a TXR Pilates class with BXR London, at their studio at 24 Paddington Street, Marylebone, London W1U 5QY.

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