If lockdown has given us anything, it's the excuse to get crafty! During the last month, the Because team have learned how to create a flower bouquet, and how to brow pinch at home, and we're on an endeavour to learn more. 

This week, we're looking to crystal healer, meditator and clairvoyant (just a few of her job titles), Emma Knowles to teach us the art of mindfulness. Collaborating with the wellness spa group, Bamford, Emma is hosting weekly meditations on their IG Live, as a healing exercise that viewers can use to help them through this difficult and tumultuous period. Despite her already packed workload – one of her other titles is author, and her second book is due for release in August – Emma has managed to squeeze in the time to go through a healing meditation for Because, so we can get our meditative hits in-between sessions. 

Why is meditation important?
I think the great thing about meditation is that it gives you the space to reflect and that’s not always comfortable, which is why I think people sometimes step away from it. It can open our heart and it can open our mind to some amazing qualities that we may not realise about ourselves and about our lives, but also it can shine a light on some places that have been a little bit tougher and harder and it gives us the opportunity too give and heal and find a happy space, a comfortable space where we can seek to relieve that without having to relive it.

What are the benefits of doing a daily meditation?
Building a practice starts to show the benefits within your everyday life. I can’t say to you that this is every benefit that you’re going to find, it’s a ‘being here now’ practice that elevates and opens up into your everyday.

A lot of people say that meditation doesn't work for them because they don't have the time to fit it into their routine, what would you say against that?
For some people, they meditate and they don’t even realise that they’re doing it, or they don’t call it meditation and that’s cool, we don’t have to box these things in. For me, sometimes I want to go for a run and I find my mind clears by hitting my feet along the river side and I enjoy doing that. You’ve got to find your own way of doing it and there’s no right or wrong way which is particularly the most important thing to know while your doing it. Don’t set yourself a time limit, we’re not doing a plank in the gym, do it for 30 seconds and then build it up.

Emma Knowles' meditation tutorials with Bamford happen every Wednesday at 6pm, on their Instagram channel.

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