Amongst learning new languages and instruments, the Because team have been keeping their fingers busy by getting crafty with cooking. Despite the trials and tribulations that learning new can recipes entail, we’ve managed to whittle down our selection of culinary successes to some favourites that are so delectable, we couldn’t not share.

This week, our Junior Fashion Editor, Carmen Bellot explains why this fish recipe should be added to your dinner rotation.

As a self-proclaimed food critic and avid restaurant-goer, I miss ending my working week with a dinner date at one of my favourite food establishments. For me, dining out is more than just being served wonderful food, it’s an animated sequence of senses; it’s the conversations happening around you that you’re unintentionally eavesdropping in to the first taste of your drink. It’s the moment you smell your food before you see it placed in front of you, and the pupil dilation that occurs as your brain processes the colours and arrangement of your plate. I took it for granted as a prosaic activity that was cemented within my social life, and now having that taken away from me (and knowing that it won’t be back anytime soon) I’m trying to adapt my lockdown life to replicate the same experience.

I’m not going as far as literally creating a restaurant environment – as much as my boyfriend would love for me to waiter to his dinner needs, as a modern women I won't cater to the 50s housewife stereotype. Instead, my dining experience happens once a week (I do cook more often, but not with this much thought behind it) and I aim to cook food that I wouldn’t usually cook for myself. Saturday night was the first instalment of my night, 'dining out but actually dining in', and I looked to this turmeric white fish recipe from California: Living + Eating as my first endeavour.

I’m a lover of any meal including seafood or fish, but I don’t commonly cook it at home. I prefer to have it exclusively for meals out, to ensure that I won’t ruin some of my favourite dishes with my questionable chef abilities. But with confidence on my side and having no other way of getting my Omega-3 fix, I decided to make it my dinner treat that I have at home. As well as being stupidly easy and quick to make, this recipe was a refreshing update of the traditional salmon and chilli combo. It won over my boyfriend who generally doesn’t enjoy a fish dish, and satisfied my craving for restaurant quality food. All the recipes in Eleanor Maidment’s cookbook are an apt dinner choice for any spring evening, which looks into the breadth of Californian cuisine. With a selection of drinks, dessert and even sides recipes, there’s enough to keep you cooking for the rest of the lockdown. Learn how to perfect this simple dish below.

In need of some new tableware for your next culinary adventure? Our favourite picks are below:

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