What better way to start the weekend consisting of International Women's Day, than with an ode to four inspirational women who shaped fashion. Wendy, Janey, Joanne & Madge, is the coffee table book for the inquisitive fashion fans, who want to learn more about the unsung heroes of fashion education. 

Written by Henrietta Goodden, the novel explores the history of the Royal College of Art's School of Fashion, from 1948 to 2014, championing the four female professors that were the reasoning behind the school's prestigious reputation. Madge Garland, Janey Ironside, Joanne Brogden and Wendy Dagworthy were a quartet of remarkable educators, who each developed the department during their retrospective tenures. As the first full biographical study of the period at the RCA, expect an accumulation of unpublished archive photographs of fashion shows and design, as well as an in-depth analysis and timeline of each of their legacy.

Design aficionado, Betty Jackson CBE, commented, "The turbulent and often unconventional history of the College in the second half of the twentieth century forms a fitting backdrop to these stories, but it's the strength, passion, charisma and rigorous standards of these women that we must admire." And with International Women's Day on the horizon, we'll be keeping these women in mind.

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