If there’s one name to watch in the impulsive world of fashion photography, it is Tyler Mitchell. Having built an impressive repertoire through his collaborations with Prada, Marc Jacobs, Nike and Ray-Ban, 24-year-old Mitchell cemented his position as an innovative visionary with his iconic portrait of Beyoncé for Vogue in September 2018, making him the first photographer of colour to feature on the front cover.

Now his monograph, I Can Make You Feel Good, collates his work for the first time. This debut volume casts a utopian light on African American people, whether they're in the public eye or not. The book uses vibrant, candy-hued palettes and natural illuminations to create a dreamy hopefulness around his subjects. Soaking up the outdoor light in lush natural settings or in gritty urban scenes, the subjects convey Mitchell’s modern vision of youth culture and racial identity. Along with portraits of actors and models alike – Amandla Stenberg, Ashton Sanders and Aweng Chuol to name a few – is the project Mitchell shot in whilst in Cuba, where he sought to immortalise the emerging skateboard scene in Havana. This aesthetic conceptualisation of a black utopia works to heighten the raw humanity he captures; as Mitchell says, his work is an ‘affirmation of blackness and a unifying visual text of hope’.

Bound to expand your horizons and force you to see the world through Mitchell’s innovative, pastel-hued eyes, this joyful volume is unmissable for all photography enthusiasts.

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