Working from home comes with a multitude of expected, and unexpected challenges. The expected ranging from communication issues caused by troubling wi-fi connections and the missing the resources that are placed on your desk. The unexpected being the back ache you feel from working on the sofa rather than an office chair, and the inability to separate your work from home life. Now we’ve settled into a routine that’s accumulated from spending so much time at home, the former expected problems seem less taxing. And for the latter, they can simply be solved by a good bath.

Bath’s have often been credited for their therapeutic capabilities for our muscles and minds. Dipping into a heavenly scented mass of bubbly water is necessary for more reasons than just hygiene, which is what Dr. Barbara Kubicka is exploring in her debut novel, The Bath Project

With a mix of chapters which span from the history of bathing to the fortuitous benefits that bathing has on our skin, this serendipitous tome is an examination into why bathing is such a fruitful task within our lives. Kubicka is a leading aesthetic doctor who started this journey by exploring the perfect bathing prescription, “which would address all skin needs from exfoliation, detoxification to hydration and nutrition.” Explains Kubicka, “I just couldn’t resist sharing this fascinating information about the bathing culture, inspiring photography and practical advice. I hope readers will find it as refreshing and relaxing as the bath itself.” And with that said, why not relax your mind with the contents of this book, whilst you relax your muscles with a bath.

The Bath Project is available to buy here.

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