The elusive world of Tarot reading, mysterious as it may seem, has extensive roots in the very human tradition of connection; connection to the world, to the divine and to each other. To some, Tarot cards reside in a dusty and outdated corner of the world, belonging to the carnivalesque category of smoke screens and crystal balls. To others, Tarot is a daily practice, involving the application of ancient principles to explain and give meaning to the modern experience.

The aesthetic mysticism we know today as Tarot is the amalgamation of the work of artists and psychics over hundreds of years. Whether it inspires confidence in life or fear of mortality, Tarot’s 600-year-old heritage has been passed down through coded writing, oral tradition and the ornate, scholarly tomes of philosophers and sages. 

That is, until the publication of Tarot by Jessica Hundley, which collates all of this history within the debut volume in TASCHEN’s Library of Esoterica series. Hundley has written for Vogue and The New York Times among others, often focusing on psychedelia and magic in her work. This decadent compendium is the first of its kind, bringing together the history of Tarot from Medieval to modern, and exploring the symbolism behind more than 500 cards and original artworks.

With contributions from artists Martha Kroll and Penny Slinger, and collaborating with the designs of Thunderwing, the work traces the influence of Tarot on the likes of Dalí, and includes the decks of nearly 100 contemporary and diverse artists.

A visual treat for your coffee table, this mystical volume is ideal for deciphering one’s fate over your morning flat white.  

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