The stresses of city life can often become overwhelming, and taking a moment for headspace is more essential now than ever. Wellness can be carried out by some evening yoga or a meditation session, or so we've found in Sacred Places, by soaking up the serenity of a photography compendium.

Capturing the essence of escapism through soft and dreamy photography, TEKLA's latest venture with Danish photographer, Philip Massmann, is a monograph that oozes peace and tranquility. Frederikke Sofie, Massmann's partner and muse, is captured on the Danish island of Anholt, in a playful and minimal transcendental state. The eternal Scandinavian summer mood mixed with the minimal aesthetic and bleached colour palette is the calming force we didn't know we needed.

The book aims to capture Massmann’s idea of sacred places themselves, and how this is still true even in non-religious spaces. These places can be past or future, fictional or real; representing the places our minds occupy when we need to escape. Now more potent than ever, this book will trigger you to transport to your Sacred Places and remind you of a more meditative time.

Sacred Spaces is available to buy here.

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