To be in the company of women is to be in presence of the divine; even the age-old Bible says ‘blessed art thou amongst women’ (if that's your preferred reference tool...). Today, there are more women conquering the world's challenges than ever before, and perhaps our ability to share their stories is best facilitated, and so the publication of this delightful volume, Icons, allows you to rub shoulders with them all.

This colourful monograph by Micaela Heekin shines the spotlight on the achievements of remarkable women across the globe doing everything from creative to humanitarian work. From Michelle Obama to Aretha Franklin to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, this volume celebrates the strength and ingenuity of women, and their contribution in shaping the world we know today. While the chosen few are taken from that list of usual suspects, we throw no shade in celebrating each and every one of them.

Each biography is paired with a rainbow bright illustrated portrait, done by Monica Ahanonu, and brings fresh insight into the making of their iconic status. Heekin's curation of the 50 women surely leaves many deserving others out of this colourful tome, but it acts as a good  reminder of the power of divine femininity AND hard work. The old adage that "behind every great man is a great woman" has stuck around as its proven right all the time, and this book serves to celebrate those who stepped out in front, all the time. 

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