Facial expressions were an inveterate part of communicating pre-pandemic. Smiles and frowns spoke messages without words, which have since been lost in the sea of masked individuals that go about their days, inconspicuous to those passing by as to how they actually feel.

The importance of expression is something that Alessandro Michelle has expressed clearly in, Beaten & Blown by the Wind, Gucci’s latest limited edition art book that’s been photographed by Bruce Gilden. “We share the same passion for faces and an obsession with expressions, personalities and looks,” shares Michelle. “I am a great collector of portraits because the human figure is central to me. Working with a photographer means seeing through someone else’s eyes and it was wonderful to see through Bruce’s eyes.”

In particular Gucci fashion, the tome follows a set of idiosyncratic cast of characters as they’re photographed around Rome, all of whom are (of course) donning the Italian fashion label. Mixed between the street portraits and images of the Pre-Fall 2020 collection, you’ll be able to find the familiar faces of Italian musician Achille Lauro, Italian actress and model Benedetta Barzini, and American fashion model and advocate Bethann Hardison. As our crystal ball foretells that face masks won’t be a thing of the past for a while yet, this selection of dramatic facial poses is reintroducing the smiles to our faces.

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