Have you found yourself endlessly scrolling through the #homeinspo IG hashtag this year? Much like us then, as we’ve found that the events of 2020 have incubated our predilection for all things homeware, more than ever before.

And while we could keep pinning images on our ‘Home’ Pinterest boards, why not separate from our screens and learn from Sig Bergamin, internationally renowned interior designer and aesthetic aficionado, through the world’s latest home bible published by Assouline, Art Life: Sig Bergamin.

Owner of an architecture firm in São Paulo, and with a 35-year long career under his belt, he’s a more than adequate port of call for sprucing up your domestic sphere. This 300 page tome, which contains over 200 illustrations, explores 12 of his designed interiors that show with excellence his eclectic and art adorned style. Including a range of homes from Brazil to Portugal, his mélanges of colour-filled interiors also express his superb taste in art, as you’ll be able to spot Warhols, Hirsts and Lichtensteins that are seamlessly blended within his minimalist-that-meets-maximalist decor.

Use this for guidance on how to update your decor, or simply lose yourself in the beautiful homes it presents; whatever your reason for having
Art Life: Sig Bergamin, it’s definitely one to have on display.

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