Over the years, we've sung leather praises for it's sartorial versatility; having been synonymous with biker jackets and ankle boots for quite some time, the hard-duty material has broken out of it's stereotype and is now widely used for dresses, shirting and trousers. A favourite with millennial style stalwarts, it's almost guaranteed that a leather look will be papped by street style photographers during fashion month. 

While it's likely to find the hide hanging in our wardrobes, these Paradise Row coasters have us lusting for it be on constant display atop our coffee table. Part of the brand's new lifestyle offering, that sees 20 other homeware goods, including this trinket tray adorned in the material, the sets are available in shades of whisky and royal blue.

Considering they'll be living within our homes, it's fitting that Paradise Row designs and manufactures all their products within our home-city, London. Upon learning that East London, now a hub of designers and creatives, was once the epicentre of a lively textile industry, founder of the brand, Nika Diamond-Krendel, felt inspired to reignite the city's archaic craft. Working with a local team that are preserving the ailing craft of the London leather trade, every piece is enriched with the capital's heritage.

A perfect way of dressing up your table as fashionably as your sartorial choices, these tabletop treats are a leathery necessity. 

Shop the Studio collection by Paradise Row here.

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