This week we’re starting a new #WomanCrushWednesday thread! First up to nominate is Because Magazine’s editorial intern, Kat McCabe.

WHO// Sinéad O’Dwyer 

CAREER// Designer and Artist.

WHY// A body positivity activist, Sinéad is intent on disrupting the established fashion system from the inside. Her collections are a manifestation of her anger towards the industry’s body elitism, channelling her own and her loved ones’ struggles with body dysmorphia into her uniquely conceptual work, which explores the fragile, often tense relationship women have with their bodies.

"WEAR ME LIKE WATER 💦 Read all about SS20 and watch @stephwilsonshoots and I’s full film on @dazed now 🌼 you can also buy our limited edition zine through the article! Thanks again to @emmaedavidson for the beautiful words 💞" @sjodwyer

After graduating from The Royal College of Art, Sinéad wanted to respond to the media’s narrow ideals of beauty, so she decided to pursue a collection that sits somewhere in between fashion and art – moulding wearable silicone sculptures around the body of her friends to celebrate women’s stigmatised bits – proving love handles and drooped breasts are just as beautiful as a flat stomach.

Sinéad subverts the fashion norm that forces women to adapt their bodies to fit specific garments, instead reclaiming the body’s power. She believes it is up to the fashion industry to change as it is that system which perpetuates the cycle: “brands need to show as much consideration for larger bodies as they do smaller ones, and not just attempt to cash in on the body positivity trend with a few well-placed curvy models in a campaign”. 

"‘Martina’ SS20 on @10dollarzshot by @ottilielandmark🌸" @sjodwyer

Sinead is helping women reclaim their bodies and promotes the beauty in all the bits we’ve been conditioned to hide. That's why I think she's worthy of our #WomanCrushWednesday – providing us with a powerful reminder that it is our bodies that hold the power, not the clothes.

Follow Sinéad at @sjodwyer – and tune in next week to see where the thread takes us next...

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