WHO // Beatrice Leanza

CAREER // Curator, cultural critic and Co-Founder of B/Side Design

"Doodled myself into wallpaper on my last day in uber snowy NYC. Photo by @tatiuzlova ;) @marcotabasso bye! @cooperhewitt" @beabiyue

WHY // She is one of the brightest minds I have ever met, and is so full of life that you can’t help but have a good time (both professionally and privately) when you’re with her. 

"In the overproduction spectacle of Salone, this humoring and demystifing show by @designacademyeindhoven on the uber universe of Chinese giant Alibaba is well worth a visit. 👍 at curator @martina.muzi and the designers in it!" @beabiyue

In terms of her line of work, B/Side Design is a Beijing-based international organisation developing and implementing strategies of urban and social impact; it targets untapped areas of economic development in the context of the People’s Republic of China. Beatrice’s latest curatorial project – A Day in an Open City: A Journey through “Springtime Along the River” – co-organised by The Palace Museum (Beijing) and Phoenix TV with Bank of China (HK) as a chief charity partner, will open on July 26th at Asian World Expo in Hong Kong. The exhibition celebrates the famed Song dynasty painting with a newly created 2.5 digital animation and installations by ten of the most talented designers active in China today.

"Bai bai Venice! It's been another fun round. Thanks @missyoko for the 'pensive' portrait ❤️" @beabiyue

We spent a lot of time together in Venice during the past two editions of Biennale of Architecture and worked on the 'Across Chinese Cities' exhibitions, which is an international initiative of events and editorial projects promoted by Beijing Design Week. Every day, besides work, we would try to fit as many exhibitions and parties in as possible, and to fill the gaps with Fritto Misto di Mare and, of course, Negroni!

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