This week, Cynthia Nge takes on her #WomanCrushWednesday nomination...

Cécile S. Poimboeuf-Koizumi

CAREER// Co-founder and Director of Chose Commune (CC). 

WHY// We first met eight or nine years ago at a cute little exhibition in Paris. She was to me, at first glance, a gentle and bookish youth, close to two decades my junior. Today, she’s a close friend, electric powerhouse, ninja, ballerina, and a magician to boot.

"painting shadows" @

What lies underneath is far from tame; she is someone who accomplishes everything with ease from afar, so you think! Executing with such humbleness and a lot of patience at the same time, you won’t hear a word of boasting or many complaints.

I enjoy every opportunity we share between our schedules – chewing fat over ceramics, food and ideas. She’s even one of the few people on my list that I go to for advice in every facet of life! Age is truly just a number...

"Alter ego" @septcils

Today, Cécile leads CC (an independent publishing house in the fields of photography and works on paper) with all her mighty grace, taking and making decisions by her intuition and creativity above everything else. Her ability to wear a different hat on every occasion necessary is such a natural inspiration for anyone. I’m so proud of her as a person and a professional colleague in every way. And you should be too. 

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