Last week, Polly Morgan nominated Leena Similu as her #WomanCrushWednesday. This week, Leena Similu nominates Mar Aguilo…

WHO // Mar Aguilo

CAREER // Soloist dancer for Compañía Nacional de Danza, choreographer, and director at elAMOR Proyectos.

"S E A@maraguilo_

WHY // Mar has incredible presence and seems almost other-worldly when she dances... I mean this in the nicest way!

"When the woman acquires the shape of the ocean, and the ocean becomes a woman..." @maraguilo_

Sometimes I feel as though I'm looking at something from outer space; I've never seen anyone move their body in that way. She transcends "dance". 

"#5ycollection" @maraguilo_

I've seen her improvise movement to random music, and she is sublime. She's tender, and fiery all in one package – and incredibly stylish. Dancing in a suit and sneakers? Yes, please!

Follow Mar Aguilo on Instagram at @maraguilo_ and check back this time next week, where Mar will be nominating her own #WCW...

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