Diane Kordas continues Caroline Issa's new #WomanCrushWednesday chain with her nomination, Christiane Amanpour...

WHO // Christiane Amanpour

CAREER // CNN Chief International Anchor and Journalist.

"Excited arriving in Berlin to introduce Chancellor Angela Merkel as the 2018 Fulbright Award Laureate for International Understanding." @camanpour

WHY // Christiane is a trailblazer: Fearless, intelligent and uber cool. She has spent a lifetime reporting on global issues – and now, with her new series Sex and Love Around the World, I mean yes!!!!

"Actor, internet icon, and now jazz pianist - tune in tonight for my interview with Jeff Goldblum!" @camanpour

But, including all of these accomplishments – along with raising her fabulous son – Christiane is really fun in a "kick off your shoes and let's have a good laugh" kind of a way.

"“I’m tired,” @paulsimonofficial tells me in an exclusive interview. “I’m not physically tired. I’m mentally tired, in a way that I – I don’t know how to explain exactly.”" @camanpour

Christiane is, very definitely, a 'cool-girl's' girl...

Follow Christiane on Instagram at @camanpour and check back this time next week for her own #WCW nomination...

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