Christiane Amanpour takes the reins from Diane Kordas with her #WomanCrushWednesday nomination.

WHO // Anya Hindmarch

CAREER // Designer.

"Tomorrow join @katereardon as she interviews Anya to find out her systems and tips for organising your life and listen to @helenamorrissey and Anya discuss how they get things done." @anyahindmarch

WHY // Anya Hindmarch is the world’s best “Bag Lady”! She’s both a creative and a business genius; plus, as a female entrepreneur, she has the power of now, with female-led businesses proving increasingly attractive to investors.

"To share the love, the Chubby Heart is back in Wellington Arch throughout London Fashion Week as part of an international project that will continue throughout the year." @anyahindmarch

She’s a great and fun friend, a wonderful wife to a fabulous husband, and a fantastic mother to five amazing young people. 

"Bags That Work is a capsule collection of beautifully-crafted day bags that have each been designed to carry all you need for the rigours of a busy working life." @anyahindmarch

She makes it look effortless – but it’s not! It all takes care, commitment, passion and extremely dedicated work… Oh! And then there’s her kitchen-table supper, which is to die for!

Follow Anya's designs on Instagram at @anyahindmarch and check back this time next week for her own #WCW nomination. In the meantime, shop Anya Hindmarch here:

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