WHO // Gina Martin

CAREER // Activist and Writer.

"From today, if you fall victim to upskirting or see it happening to someone, the perpetrator could face fines, be put on the sex offenders register or receive up to two years in prison." @ginamartinuk

WHY // I first heard of Gina when I came across a petition to make ‘upskirting’ a criminal offence. I, along with 50,000 other members of the public, was in disbelief that this could be legal – and swiftly signed the petition. After 20 months of her efforts, accompanied by her #bethechange campaigning, upskirting was made a criminal offence on April 12th.

"Welcome to my wonderful food baby. Jordy and I had two burgers, two portions of and Mac and Cheese, a pot of vegan chicken dippers, a portion of chips, a (what felt like) half litre chocolate milkshake, chocolate cookies and beer and wine and neither of us said 'oh go on then', 'im so naughty' or 'i shouldn't', because we SHOULD and we WILL." @ginamartinuk

Then there's her Insta' feed. Delicately designed and curated with her artistic flair, it's a delight to indulge in. Along with the grounding captions around self-worth and body image, it’s hard to not to find comfort in her words when they relate so well.

"Are we joking? What the hell? Today I headed to Diss to see my book being printed and produced.  When I first thought about writing a book I said to my sister I'd never considered it because I really didn't think that was an option for me. I didn't know if I could do it." @ginamartinuk

With her debut novel hitting bookstands in June, and a book tour with other activists to follow, this social activist is on the rise to stardom!

Follow Gina at @ginamartinuk – and check in next week to see where the thread takes us next...

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