This #BooksandLooks delves into the past for inspiration. The book, Musings on Fashion and Style: Museo de la Moda was created by South America’s leading fashion museum, the Museo de la Moda in Santiago, Chile, in collaboration with Kate Moss.

It commemorates iconic moments in fashion history, nodes in sartorial consciousness. The mixture of images, both from the past and more recent photographs of Moss modelling vintage pieces, allows for the consideration of how fashion and memory are created through both personal and wider cultural experience. These “musings on fashion and style” are also “a note on modernity” through the prism of the past.

The Museo is directed by textile industry scion Jorge Yarur Bascuñán who transformed his parent’s house into the Museo de la Moda in 1999. Inspired by the style of his mother, Raquel Bascuñán, he used his family’s collection of objects and garments as the foundation of the museum, expanding the archives with more recent acquisitions.

Smell can effect a powerful emotive reaction to a recollection, or even a half-remembered something, somewhere, someone. The perfume house Ormaie was founded by mother and son team Marie-Lise Jonak and Baptise Bouygues. Inspired by art and nature they use only natural ingredients to craft the perfumes.

Yvonne pays “modern homage to the classical feminine perfumes”. It has strong floral notes of rose and marigold blended with emerging chypre scents, such grapefruit and lime, creating a bright fragrance. The foundation of tonka, benzoin, vanilla and sandalwood add an earthy complexity to the perfume. It is both grounded and playful, timeless but also contemporary.

Musings on Fashion and Style: Museo de la Moda and Yvonne are evocative of another place and another time. Reimagined and experienced in the present, they create the perfect sensorium to conjure memories and to provide inspiration for the future. 

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