How do small moments belie vast hopes, dreams and desires? This #BooksandLooks has taken inspiration from BBB London’s Ultra Fine Liquid Eyeliner and Amour to consider how the tiniest of details contribute to the totality of expression. 

Amour: How the French Talk About Love is the personal project of Stefania Rousselle, a French-American Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and documentary filmmaker. The resulting book, published by Viking, is both a quiet contemplation and joyous exclamation of love. 

Following years of reporting on far-right nationalism, terrorism and sex trafficking, as well as the end of her own relationship, she had stopped believing in love. Plunged into a state of despair, Stefania decided to travel alone around France, asking people simply: what is love? 

From those who have only just embarked on a relationship, to those who have been together for a lifetime: childhood sweethearts, second-chances, late-life romances, from shepherds, to students, refugees and mothers, all had an answer. 

“We are imperfect beings, but we have something that links us together, and that is sublime: Love. Amour.” 

And whilst we might be imperfect, our eye makeup doesn’t have to be. BBB’s liner sets the bar high when it comes to the perfect swoop. The highly-pigmented, demi-matte formula of their black Ultra Fine Liquid Eyeliner glides effortlessly onto our lids, while its superfine brush tip allows for micro-precision application. 

The perfect way to accentuate come hither eyes, smudge-proof and water-resistant with 13 hours of lasting power, breakup or makeup: we are in love.

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