Scott Schuman, a.k.a. The Sartorialist has just released his highly anticipated photography monograph, The Sartorialist. India. Since leaving his position as Director of Men’s fashion at his showroom in 2005, the American-born photographer has now been capturing street style for over a decade – first beginning in New York and since then traveling the globe to document his vision of the world. He is now a renowned name in the fashion, photography and blogger worlds because of his unique ability to entwine his photojournalistic eye, humanism and unparalleled appreciation for fashion into a single photograph. 

Scott is an in-demand presence in the fashion industry – having been commissioned to shoot ad-campaigns for industry-leading brands such as Absolut, Nespresso and Burberry – as well as being featured in British Vogue, GQ and The New York Times Magazine. It is then unsurprising that his most recent collection showcases his unique qualities that brought his worldwide fame.

Described as an intoxicating mix of colour, pattern and texture, The Sartorialist. India is a photographic tribute to the country’s diversity and splendour. Captivated by its idiosyncratic styles, Scott has ventured to India many times to capture and celebrate people from all walks of life: children, grandfathers, fashionistas, laborours and transgender subjects. The images immerse the reader into a rich visual and cultural experience; highlighting the enduring prevalence of tradition whilst also shining a light on new India.

Fascinated by his motivations and what makes him tick, we spoke to Scott about the release of his new monograph...

What’s the thing you can't travel without?
I’ve learned to travel with a lot of patience, the other thing I've learned is to not need anything.  For example, it’s very hard to get coffee in rural India, so if you need coffee to start your day... it’s going to be a tough day. It’s best to learn to not need coffee in the morning.

The reason why you'd fly to India for just 24 hours?
An amazingly spicy meal.

What should every tourist going to India know in one word?

What’s the thing that catches your eye when taking a portrait?

How did you choose your cover image?
I think this gentleman has an obvious visual charisma, his body language and confidence invites the viewers gaze. 

What will you be doing in your next life?
I’d like to own a bookstore.

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