We can’t be the only ones who feel as though 2018 has escaped us... Can we?

Despite the fleeting days, weeks and months, we’ve had myriad opportunities to soak up ideas and inspirations aplenty, meeting and mulling with trailblazers in their respective fields and learning as we go – which is why, ahead of the new calendar, we’re charting our top takeaways from this past year.

Let’s be havin’ you, 2019!

Sustainable Style is on the Up
Here at Because HQ, collectively, we have a predilection that’s increasingly less of a ‘taste’ and more of an all-out craving: Sustainable styleOver the past year, we’ve strived to champion the brands, platforms and collectives who share this wavelength – and, in the process, have uncovered a whole host of talented folk who are setting the bar at new heights with what’s possible for a wholeheartedly ethical and transparent process.

Among those we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing are jewellery designer Lilian von Trapp, who works with master artisans to create delicate pieces from recycled gold and vintage diamonds; contemporary design collective, By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress (BITE), who pledge fair wages, small-scale production, and sourcing that does minimal harm to the ecosystem; and one-stop vegan and eco-friendly marketplace, Antibad

The fashion industry has got a long way to go towards achieving true cyclicality – but if 2018 has taught us anything, it’s that we’re well on the way...

Self-Care is Central to Survival
If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that big city life isn’t exactly a walk in the park – literally and metaphorically. Measures must be taken to ensure that we stay grounded and balanced when jaunts out of the Capital are few and far between. This year, we quickly realised that purposeful acts of mindfulness and wellness are the answer to us finding our collective calm.

By way of three expert columnists, Ayurveda aficionadoJasmine Hemsley, nutritionist and mental health advocate, Sarah Ann Macklin, and co-founder of Re:Mind, London’s first meditation studio, Yulia Kovaleva, we’ve had a crash course in the techniques to try, while getting our heads around the philosophies that inform their unique perspectives. Close your eyes, and count to zen...

Our Beauty Ingredients got Peculiar
While the likes of Vitamin Cprobiotics and natural clay are commonplace amongst our bathroom cabinet staples, our endeavours to showcase the crème de la crème and the cult of beauty have had us stumbling across a few unlikely players of late...

Goat’s milk? We went there. Vinegar? By the bucket-load. Heck, fermentation even got a whiff in thanks to Immunocologie and Oskia. While we, too, were quick to wince or judge on face value, if there’s one big lesson we’ve learned from uncovering these hero ingredients, it’s to never judge a book by its cover!

Now, let’s see what 2019 conjures up...

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