Main image courtesy of Re:Mind Meditation Studio.
Words by Yulia Kovaleva.

When I first moved to London over ten years ago, I was going through a real ‘party’ phase. Everyone should experience this at some point in their lives; in fact, it was actually through a rave that I first met my friend and co-founder of Re:Mind, Carla von Anhalt.

It was around this time that I also learned of meditation, and we both developed strong interests in wellness – mainly around food. Ever since then, mindfulness and meditation have helped me through so many different obstacles in my life. By 2018, following a trip to Myanmar, both Carla and I had reached places in our practice and lives that pushed us to open a studio in London.

Taking inspiration for its name from one of my favourite booksWomen Who Run with Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés – which changed a lot for me, in terms of presenting new perspectives and a deeper meaning of the mundane – Re:Mind is a space that’s proudly inclusive and open for everyone.

Image courtesy of Re:Mind Meditation Studio.

The beautiful thing about meditation is that it’s really personal and it’s on your own terms. How much you practice rides on what’s comfortable with your own mind; it’s the same principle as working out, in that you do what feels right. I prefer for people to not have any expectations when they’re coming to our drop-in classes, because that’s when you have the most powerful of experiences.

Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or a first-time novice, I’d suggest taking it at a steady pace. When you meditate too much and push yourself into it – say a couple of times a day, week-on-week – things start to come up and sometimes it’s too fast. It’s really about taking things slow. It’s something you build on. Mix and matching classes to find out what works for you is the best approach. For me, Reiki Healing is my gateway to a deeper meditation, as are sound baths like gongs and crystal bowls – all of which we offer at the studio. Everyone's experiences are so different; one person might see amazing visuals and colours, the next might hear things. I dream when I do meditation… I’m awake, but I see dreams the same way that I would do at night!

Image courtesy of Re:Mind Meditation Studio.

Generally, we find that most people seek out meditation when going through big changes in their lives – be it getting married, becoming pregnant, changing jobs or altering life paths. It’s such an important tool for continuous support throughout life. My goal is to really educate people on how much better they’ll feel after a session, even if it’s just for 45 minutes

One thing I want to drill home is that meditation doesn't need to follow a set structure of daily practice. Now I've got my three-year-old who wakes up at four in the morning every morning, meditation just happens when it happens, when I have a spare moment. The most important thing to remember is that wherever you are in life, making space for your mind should always be a priority.

Re:Mind Meditation Studio is  at 25A Eccleston Pl, Belgravia, SW1W 9NF. Click here to book a session.

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