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Joining a plethora of wellness-based beauty regimes, Reiki and "spirit-infused" products look poised to take the skincare scene by storm in 2019.

By this, I mean the kinds that profess to banish negative energy, nurturing good vibrations that beautify you from your core. In other words, it really is what’s on the inside that counts.

Because I’m a sucker for putting new trends to the test, you’d be right in thinking that all of the above more than piqued my interest. However, before I jump straight in with a bathroom cabinet overhaul, I’m having a dig to learn what’s what...

As I understand it, the mindful way of thinking sees humans as big balls of energy; when we’re out of sync, it presents itself in myriad ways. There’s no denying that our skin is a window into our inner wellbeing. I, for one, know that if I’m stressed, it’s breakout central... This is where spirit-infused skincare, supposedly, comes in.

Crystal Clear

In Reiki (otherwise known as "Universal Life Energy" – a form of healing developed in 1922 by Japanese monk, Mikao Usui – which treats energetic and emotional blocks in our meridians, concentrating on our seven chakras), a healthy glow can’t be faked. When energy resources are running low, it’s a cue for lifeless skin – and, when energy is blocked, our skin flares up. 

But beauty by way of the spiritual side comes with a price tag... London’s leading aromatherapist and facialist, Alexandra Soveral, harnesses crystal marble wands in her facials for a cool £275 for the full 90 minutes; Sushma Sagar of the The Calmery offers a 50-minute Reiki face treatment to remove anxieties and worries from your face with "the added bonus of making you look rejuvenated" for £120; meanwhile, crystal-infused beauty products like Herbivore’s rose quartz healing crystal comb come in at up to £70.

Still feeling somewhat skeptical of it all, I put the news of this latest beauty trend to Because Magazine’s resident Reiki Master (and Office Manager), Litsa Yiatros, who just so happens to be certified in Usui Shiki Ryoho, Natural Healing.

"I agree with removing the stigma and promoting energy healing as a wellness tool," Litsa tells me, "but I don't agree with it being packaged as facials or products. It is not something that can be placed in a bottle." She continues: "I don’t support the claim that Reiki or gemstone products are restoring balance. In my opinion, this is just another way of exploiting traditional practices to make money – and it’s misleading."

Now, given the number of reiki facial success stories that are floating around the internet – and as someone who's striving to stay as centred as is humanly possible in a city like London – I confess that I remain keen to try it for myself. However, whether I'd embrace the crystal culture to enhance my skin regime remains a definite shrugging point... I think I'll have to see it to believe it! 

Curious about spirit-infused wellness? Look for your inner Zen here:

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