Camilla Morton is an author, journalist and fashion-industry aficionado, whose commentaries on style (from her vantage as both a spectator and an inside participant) have gained her worldwide acclaim. Her latest project with Laurence King Publishing, an Oracle series inspired by the industry icons – illustrated by Anna Higgie – is providing the answers to all of our sartorial conundrums as we enter the final leg of Fashion Month and prepare to embark on the Paris 'marathon'. And so, this week, we've invited Camilla to call upon the higher powers and divine for us our daily fashion fortunes (and reveal precisely why she's picked them)...

"It’s the rebels and revolutionaries, such as John Galliano, that make Fashion electrifying. From his São Schlumberger and early shows in Paris, he has constantly pushed fashion to new boundaries. These are clothes to make you dream.

Alongside Manolo Blahnik, Galliano is the reason that I was inspired to be in fashion... John Galliano stretches your imagination."

Fashion Oracles: Life and Style Inspiration from the Fashion Greats by Camilla Morton, illustrated by Anna Higgie, is available to buy here from Laurence King Publishing. 

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